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thoughts on the Fedora 3 migration

Thoughts and lessons learned after migrating from Fedora 2.x to 3.

OR09: aDORe djatoka

aDORe djatoka: An Open-Source Jpeg 2000 Image Server and Dissemination Service Framework

OR09: ActiveFedora

When Ruby Met Fedora: presentation on ActiveFedora by Matt Zumwalt of MediaShelf

OR09: Topaz & Ambra for digital publishing

Brief description of PloS Ambra/Topaz publishing platform

Totals for ETD Fedora datastreams missing checksums

As part of my Fedora 3 migration work, I’ve done some initial investigation on datastreams that are missing checksums (since it’s not clear if there’s an eas...

Fedora 3 test migration notes

I’ve completed a test-run of the Fedora 3 migration process on all of our current production Fedora 2 data (ETD and GDE/smallpox objects), following these up...

implementing symbolic links in python-fuse

I wanted to use symbolic links in my FedoraFS because it seemed like the simplest way to accomplish what I wanted to do to handle relationships between objec...

FedoraFS in python FUSE

I got a little time to play with some new technologies (python and FUSE, or Filesystem in User Space) and interfacing them with a somewhat more familiar tech...