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DH2018 Notes and Takeaways

I was privileged to attend and participate in DH2018 in Mexico City, Mexico earlier this year. Here are some notes on the things I’m still thinking about mor...


Reflections on AIGA Converge

It’s been a few weeks since I had the privilege of attending the AIGA Converge Design Educators Conference. It was a stimulating, thought-provoking experienc...


OR2016: Second 24x7 session

Notes on the second 24x7 session. I don’t have detailed notes on every presentation, so do take a look at the session abstracts for the ones I missed.

OR2016: Mining Repositories

Notes on Open Repositories workshop session on text and data mining in repositories, with some reactions about thoughts about possible local application.






Emory ETD cited in a article

I just happened to notice this because I was looking at Google Analytics and saw a huge spike in traffic for one record. Analytics told me most of the traffi...


Browsing Oracle from NetBeans

NetBeans has the capability to view databases directly; since I haven’t had so much luck getting Oracle’s sqldeveloper running in linux, I thought I’d try th...

Fedora 3 test migration notes

I’ve completed a test-run of the Fedora 3 migration process on all of our current production Fedora 2 data (ETD and GDE/smallpox objects), following these up...


I came across this at the OpenRepositories2009 poster session– I hadn’t heard of it before, and I thought it was interesting and possibly useful.

FedoraFS in python FUSE

I got a little time to play with some new technologies (python and FUSE, or Filesystem in User Space) and interfacing them with a somewhat more familiar tech...