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A few weeks ago, I spent a little bit of time on a Friday afternoon playing with some MARBL Finding Aids and trying to generating some FOAF RDF. I chose the four Irish Literature finding aids that I identified as having an Index of Selected Correspondents (very few of the MARBL finding aids have them, I imagine because it is very time-consuming to create). Other Finding Aids have names of correspondents in the container list, but this was an easier starting point (and even here, there was quite a bit of messiness in the names– dates, noms de plume, titles, all capitalized or mixed case, etc).

I finally took the time to adapt a simple python script Ben had written, and converted the four FOAF xml files I’d generated into a GraphViz chart. The image below is the section of the chart I thought would be the most interesting to share (the entire thing is quite large), because you can see many of the common correspondents shared even just among these four people.

Correspondents graph subset